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Happy Thanksgiving from (We are doing Pranks)

I pulled this on my family….

It all started when we were talking about my sister going off to UNC – Chapel Hill.  I made the statement she was very smart but still a blonde.  I felt sure that I could prove it so that Thanksgiving I went out and bought a Cornish Hen and inserted it into the Turkey.

Fast Forward to the Dinner!

My Dad was in on the joke.  The table was set the prayers had been said.  The turkey was delivered to the table and my Dad did a wonderful job of acting out the first carving of the turkey.  All of the sudden he got a strange look on his face and everyone stopped talking and laughing to see what had happened.  It was then that he reached in the turkey and removed the Cornish hen.  He said “This turkey must have been pregnant.”  I absolutely could not believe how many people at the table did not get it!  It was the funniest thing to watch each and everyone’s face and slowly people starting getting the joke.

I Guess You Were Wondering What My Sister Said?……

Well my younger sister who is way funnier than me and will one day get me back she said “Turkeys have eggs right?”  Once we confirmed her question my other sister…the smart UNC -Chapel Hill student….the beautiful blonde that she is…the one that will also get me back said:  “Oh really I thought all turkeys were male.”

Wishing you and your family a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

This was a little goodie before the big kick-off that we are having here at in January 2013.  We have some really cool things planned.  You are going to see great interviews with really cool people, play really fun games and win super cool prizes and learn things you never know about Charlotte and surrounding areas. There are just to many things for me to list.  You are just going to have to stay tuned to see.   I promise you are going to at some point laugh at what we have in store.

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One Response to "Happy Thanksgiving from (We are doing Pranks)"

  1. Ren Ramsey says:

    Actually there is a meal or way of preparing a turkey called a Turducken. It’s a hen stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey. I guess in Africa they have an Ostrucken. That’s all that other stuff stuffed in an Ostrich. Yummey. Think I’ll go eat some Livermush instead. Livermush,what’s that?

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