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Drop A Line At Mountain Island Lake!

The Sign to Mt. Island Lake

So you wanna go fishing?……

So it is hot outside and you got a little time on your hands.  Why not get that fishing rod out and blow the dust out of it?  You are welcome to go fishing on the banks of Mountain Island Lake.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to go fishing as a child.  I still remember how to put that worm on a hook and I also still remember that if you don’t hold that fish just right when you take it off it can get you.  Maybe you never got the chance to go fishing but now you can. Maybe you are an old pro but if you are not you can learn by picking up a few pointers here at this site —> Take me fishing!  You can even get your fishing license there also!

Be sure to check the forecast to see when the best time to go. —>Mountain Island Fishing Forecast

Mountain Island Lake is a man made lake that was built in 1924.  It has 61 miles of shoreline and about 3,281 acres of surface area. There are a few public access areas you can choose from.

Public Access Areas

  • Neck Road Access Area
  • Cowans Ford Waterfowl Refuge 1-704-875-1391 (Operated by Mecklenburg County)
  • Riverbend Access Area
  • Mountain Island Tailrace Fishing Area
  • Latta Plantation Park 1-704-875-1391 (Operated by Mecklenburg County)

Great view!I picked the Mountain Island Tailrace Fishing Area because it was close to where I was and I hear the fish love hanging out at the dam .  Even if you don’t have your fishing rod it is nice to take a trip down and look out over the water.  There are walking trails also located at this access.  Plenty of parking but no access to drop in your boat here.

You can fish off the banks and they have a couple of fishing docks right at the base of the Mountain Island Dam and Hydroelectric Station.

Fish here!

Hydro Stations Rock!

The Mountain Island Hydro Station is a four-unit generating facility.  It was built in the 1920’s to meet the growing demand for electricity by homeowners in the Carolinas.  It is still used today.

You can fish all you want but if you ever hear the siren blow you had better run for the hills.  Duke Power will test the sirens 4 times a year.  January 12th, April 13th, July 13th and October 12th.  I know this because I was there the day they tested the sirens On July 13th.  O.M.Gosh!  This would be a great prank to play on someone.  You could set it up so sweet by telling them you are going for a nice peaceful day of fishing.  Talk about how old the dam is and how you heard if it broke they would sound this huge alarm.  When it goes off freak right on out!  Be sure to take a video or picture we want to put it on the Charlotte Banter.

Fishing on the banks of Mountain Island LakeThe rest of the year you just spend on the banks enjoying the wildlife and fish your little heart away.  If you are wondering what to fish for there are several fish to choose from.  At Mountain Island Lake you can catch anything from Large-mouth Bass, Striped Bass, Crappie, Bream and one of my favorite the Catfish.

Come on fishy…fishy!!

I like to catfish because it is simple!  You drop the line in with the smelliest stuff you can find in the fridge.  Watch the bobber!  Sit back and relax!  When the bobber goes under grab your rod and yank one hard time but not hard enough to break the line.  Catfish can be huge and very, very ugly.  They are fun to pull in.  I like small salt and pepper catfish but I don’t think I would ever eat a huge one.  If you get into cat-fishing a lot you can join a group called the Carolina Catfish Club and compete in tournaments.  The club really isn’t known for its tournaments but more for a group of folks that loves the sport and are willing to share and teach others the art of catfish angling!  There you will meet guys like Dieter Melhorn, Ric Helms, Lindsey Bigham and one of the Mt. Island area champs Rob McHenry.

Rob McHenry and his 37.4 pounder!

Rob McHenry

Rob McHenry caught a 37.4 pound catfish!  MeeeeYowww!  I got you a picture and everything.  Really that is kinda nasty!  Way to go Rob!

Maybe you can make it down to the banks of Mountain Island Lake and drop your own line.  If you do and you have a great adventure please come back and share it here on The Charlotte Banter.  We love to hear your comments and stories!

Happy Fishing!!







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2 Responses to "Drop A Line At Mountain Island Lake!"

  1. Bobber says:

    Good place to fish late feb to june. Large mouth bass will hit on small shad in august. Large shad will tend to come up as early as march to early june and fade away. As large shad comes early in the season larger fish will appear; Stripers, Gars, and Blue cats. Lots of blue gills in summer time. Water is usually turned on around 3pm in summer and off at 6 or so.

  2. Bobber says:

    Stripers will go in and out. If you do get one early summer it is usually around 10-16lbs. In the fall and winter time a few buddies said stripes do come up the dam however they’ll small 16-20″

    Crappies: Early spring. Keeper size.

    Largemouth: Appear when small shad comes around in august.

    Cat: Big cats will appear when mid-large shad swim up along the walls when water is turned on.

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