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Hardee’s Auto Show – Friday Night’s Stanley NC

Hardee's Auto Show

A Car Show at Hardee’s

I don’t know what to expect when passing by a Hardee’s anymore.  We have already covered the Hoedown in Hardee’s in Lincolnton and then I found out they have a car show every Friday in Stanley NC.  I wasn’t sure if I should file this under Vintage Charlotte or not as all the cars there were classics.  It seems that the locals of that area enjoy meeting there on Fridays.  They bring chairs and their prize classic car to display.  You can stop over at most any car and meet an owner eager to tell their story of the what, where and why’s of their car or cars.  I even met a guy who drives a different car each week to give his collection equal face time.  I took a bunch of pictures to share but I encourage you to come see for yourself.  It is a happy group of folks to meet and if you have a classic yourself a great reason to get yours out.

I don’t know my classics and hardly had time to talk with each person so I thought it would be fun to test your knowledge on classic cars.  I am going to assign each car a number.  See if you can name the make and model of each and put your answers in the comments.  If you don’t know them all no worries maybe someone else will.  Name your favorite and what you like about it.  Have fun!

Hardee's Car Show


Hardee's Auto Show

Car No. 1


Classic car

Car No. 2

Classic cars

Car No. 2 inside


Car No. 3
Classic car

Car No. 4

Classic cars

Car No. 5

Guess the make and model

Car No. 6

Classic car

Car No. 7

Classic car

Car no. 8

Classic car game

Car No. 9


Car No. 10


Car No. 10 side view

Classic cars

Car No. 11

Classic cars

Car No. 12

Classic Car

Car No. 13

Classic cars

Car No. 14

Classic car on Charlotte Banter

Car No.15

Classic car

Car No. 16



Hardee's Car Show in Stanley NC


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