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April 5, 2011 The Night the Lights Went Out in Dallas, NC

Transmission Tower

Dallas, NC 4/5/2011

Early in the Am on April 5th, 2011 a storm hit  Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  The wind knocked over trees all over the area and even two large transmission towers located in Dallas, NC.  I drove around the area and got some great pictures.  Hard to believe this was not a tornado that did all this damage.

You cannot tell from the pictures how massive this actual tower was.  Now I drive around saying “that is a small one” or there is a medium one.”  This one was large and I can’t even imagine what it sounded like when it hit.  The power in some areas will be out for days while the tower is repaired.  Some of the power has been rerouted and along with the traffic for this area.

I drove around and took some additional picture to share of the damage that the wind did.  Take a look at them and give me your vote wind or tornado?

This is a standing transmission tower! See trees that were blown over below it

Close up of the tower!

Notice the carport over behind the tree. There is no driveway near it.

This is the house that was closest to the tower! They also lost part of their roof.

See the wood in the road! Yep! Part of that person’s house. The crews are putting together a plan on how to get the wires off the road.

Hard to believe that wind could twist this tree so….

A bent tree near the Gaston County landfill.

A home on N.Aspen Street in Lincolnton NC that did not fair so well in the storm.

Below is aerial footage of both towers that a new crew provided.  Here you can see the roof of the home and additional damage from the storm.  When you are looking down into those peoples home I wonder if they were in that bed? I wonder what it sounded like. A train I bet! I will see if I can’t get you guys the inside scoop. Stay tuned by subscribing to the Charlotte Banter to find out.


So… in you opinion was this wind or a tornado?

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2 Responses to "April 5, 2011 The Night the Lights Went Out in Dallas, NC"

  1. Karen Sanford says:

    😮 Both…

  2. Tamela says:

    I agree Karen! I look at that one picture where the tree fell over one way and then it was twisted the other way.

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