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Hoedown at Hardee’s in Lincolnton NC

Hoedown in Hardee's Every Tuesday night at the local Hardee’s located in Lincolnton NC you will find more than just good eats!  You can’t find a seat.  Starting around 5 pm the folks begin to show up checking in to their favorite tables and catching up on the latest talk of the town.   The tables will be moved around to make room for the band.  Never mind the dance floor the isles are just fine.  By 6:00 this place will transform to one of the loudest fast food places in town.

I was told about this weekly event only last week and just had to see for myself.  Sure enough I was lucky and got the last parking space in the area.  Passing through the doors I could see that I was not going to be lucky enough to get a seat.  The place was packed.  The band started promptly at 6 and I have to admit I was amused when the first couple stood up and took a spot right in the walk-way to cut a rug.  (Cut a Rug – Slang term used for dancing back between the 1920’s and the 1940’s.) I believe this term had been used many a times within this happy crowd.

Band playing in Hardee's in Lincolnton

Real Country & Monbo Express

The band played a good mixture of Country, Rhythm and Blues.  They mixed the music up between fast and slow tempos.  Every now and then a song would play and the whole place would just sing along.  I bet if you didn’t know any better and had just stopped in for a meal you would have had to walk back outside and make sure you were at the right place.

This event takes place every Tuesday evening between 6 – 9.   The band is called “Real Country & Mambo Express” The band members include Don Beverly, Bill Rone, David Shipes, Sara Hoyle and Robert Chapman.

I was there only to get a story and pictures for the Charlotte Banter when I ended up dancing the jitterbug with a gentleman in his early 80’s.  Near the end of our dance he leaned over and told me he was tired and I couldn’t catch my breath to answer.  Yes! I was winded dancing in Hardees’s.  So no comments on how out of shape I am.  I still have it – I ended up with three of these frisky fellows asking me out!  I haven’t had luck like that in a while…..Ok enough… I’m going to go dig up another story.

Dancing in Hardee'sIf you know of a hole-in-the-wall, secret fun spot, unique event or something else to share with the Charlotte Banter we want to hear about it.

Please enjoy the additional pictures of that night.

Playing his turn at the Hardee's

Playing together



Don Beverly

Tip can for the Band

Sara Hoyle

Gastonia Granny

Gastonia Granny

Dancing to the music!

It is only fun!

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  1. Cornelius Evans says:

    I am wondering if you are the same Don Beverly that I played bass guitar for in a band many years ago.If you remember Al Cobb on keyboard, Chico on drums and a man that played a 12 string guitar” I cant remember his name though”. We used to play alot of Hank Williams Jr, Tuesdays gon with the wind and my old favorite Wonderful tonight.If you are the same Don Beverly I just wanted to say howdy.

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