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Guns Blazing in Cherryville for New Years!

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It seems kind of weird going from the Opera to the Cherryville Shooters Event.  Here at the Charlotte Banter we try to give you a little taste of all that the Charlotte NC area has to offer.

New Years Eve I had made it home safe and sound before the ball dropped bringing in the  2011New Year.  The plan was to get safely home before all the drunk drivers hit the road.  I innocently picked up the phone as it rang thinking it was a friend wishing me a Happy New  Year only to the sounds of loud gun fire in my ear.  Oh my gosh had my friend been shot? Nooooo!  I was informed I was missing a true New Years tradition.

I decided I wasn’t so tired and it would not be that far from where I lived that I could make it just to see for myself.  I justified risking my life as I thought it might be a great chance to share something unique with The   Charlotte Banter.  That is right I was thinking about you guys and not my own safety.

New Years Shooters in Cherryville NC

Imagine this many people coming to shoot up your yard!

Where is Cherryville?

You can find the small town of Cherryville NC by taking Hwy 274 N off off Interstate 85 or even Hwy 321.  I had kind of an Idea of what I thought it was going to be like but as I pulled into the town I found this is a BIG deal.  My first hint was the strong police influence and the way they had the streets closed down.  It was not hard to find the crowd as the vehicles were all lined up in a huge convoy and everyone was walking towards the echoing sounds of gunfire.  I feel sure the normal rule of thumb is when you hear gun fire you are to run away from the sound.  AGAIN you find me risking life and limb to be sure you do not miss the action.

Apparently this tradition has been going on for hundreds of years and is passed from generation to generation.  Being a third, fourth or fifth generation shooter is a very honorable and respected thing in these parts.  So here is what the deal is as it was explained to me….

Cherryville Shooters on New Years

Right before the first shot is fired at this home!

The residences and businesses of Cherryvile sign up to be visited by the Shooters starting at Midnight on New Years.  The Shooters will go from house to house and business to business until everyone has been visited by this huge group, followers and site seers like me.  The shooters will arrive at your door, knock, say the traditional welcoming chant and then the Shooters proceed to fire their weapons in the yard until all shooters have had a turn.

The Purpose….

The purpose is to drive out demons, witches and other non-desirable entities on the property and bless the land for the upcoming year.  I was told that if you were a farmer in these parts missing this event meant you were sure to not have a productive crop.

Once the Shooters have fired their weapons they are rewarded with treats from the homeowners and businesses.  Food, cigars and gifts are the normal reward.  Now this goes on all night and for about 18 hours straight to get to all that signed up.  In this town even the Rest Home will be visited.

Guns Blazing

Smoke from the guns being fired!

Things to bring because I did not!

EARPLUGS and good walking shoes!  If you plan on viewing for any long period of time you are going to want to be sure to bring ear protection.  The shooters do not use bullets but they pack these muzzle loaders with black powder.  It is not uncommon to see these guns shoot right out of the hands of the Shooter when fired.  I even saw a few blow apart which explains why they tend to hold them close to the ground and away from their face when firing.

I was moved…

ME and my death defying feats decided to get you guys a good picture and get real close.  When the gun went off I actually felt my body move back and guess what?… You guys were not going to get a close up!  My head hurt for the next 18 hours is what happened!  You travel in a long convoy if the homes are to far to walk then park on the Highway and walk to the house.  Not a big deal if you don’t mind people watching and sight seeing.  You can’t help but get tickled at the groups of people piled up in trucks, vans and party buses.  Guns in hand ready to chase the next bad spirits away.


Sometimes several shoot at the same time!

I didn’t have the Cherryville New Years Shooters on my Bucket List but at least I was a part of history and a tradition that goes way back.  If you want more info on the Cherryville Shooters go to this site ——-> Cherryville New Years Shooters and get more of the history and photos.  They have even included a clock counting down to next years event.

One note I would like to add is that it is claimed by the site that “Cherryville NC is the only place on earth this the event still takes place.”

If you plan on attending this event next year I suggest going during the day so you can see all that is going on or if you are a real trooper try the whole 18 hour deal just bring those EARPLUGS!

Gun Powder

See the power of the Gun Powder blowing out the end?

Be sure to sign up for email updates if you live, love or want to live in the Charlotte NC area.  I have a bunch of really cool things I am going to do here at the Charlotte Banter and I don’t want you to miss out on the fun.  I encourage comments and stopping in to say hello.  I am open to suggestions and stories you want to see covered.  You see I risk my life for you so feel free to share your thoughts with me.  Have some fun and be sure to join in on the games.  I want to give you free stuff! Until next time!  Be safe and Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to "Guns Blazing in Cherryville for New Years!"

  1. B Brittain says:

    I was very impressed with your article. The New Year Shooters shoot at homes within 500 feet of each other. The noise is disturbing, not only the animals but the homes we live in, pay taxes on (city and county) just to have these people come around every year to keep their evil away. Hmmm…..seems to so many of us living in Cherryville, NC that the only things evil, are these individuals disturbing our peace before New Year’s Eve, Day of and sometimes day after. Our government band smoking in public places, restaurants, clubs, etc. But, in your article of January 7, 2011 it clearly describes and one can see for their self, all the smoke that we have to breath and does enter our homes through vents. No home is built completely air tight. These individuals speak their mind through their guns and show exactly what type of individuals they are. Most of us in Cherryville don’t have any rights because of some kind of law that gives them the right to shoot…..but that is just the way this town is. How many people move here and how many people move out? If I had it to do all over again, I sure would not have settled here.

  2. Ashley says:

    I am impressed with your article, even though I’m late finding it. I know how “disturbing” this tradition can be, however it is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, so it should be respected. I’m sure there is something that is important to you that may be disturbing to someone else.

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