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Where in the QC? (Game 3)

Where in the Queen City is this?Where in the QC is This?

This week when I was out and about I came across this fish out of the water.  I thought this would be great for the game.  I didn’t know if a bunch of people had a great mailbox like this so I thought it was cool the numbers were included.  That’s right you have to find this fish!  Fish #9312.

The way we play the game is simple.  While you are out running errands, going to work or looking for your favorite fishing hole look around town for our “What in the QC?” items.  They are always located on main roads and hundreds of people pass them daily.  They can be in Charlotte or the surrounding towns/counties.  They may be at the end of your driveway in this case.  You don’t have to have a camera just the ability to identify where it is the best and be the first.  You get bonus points if you can tell me what kind of fish it is?

I have been working on some cool prizes but for now you win the random goodie bag and the best part is full bragging rights.  Tell all your local friends to join in and I will get real crazy.  We encourage comments and fun stuff.  Stick around and we are sure to amaze or amuse  you here at Charlotte Banter.

Ok let’s here it:      Where in the QC is Fish #9312?

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