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It’s all about the Salsa at La Unica (Indian Trail, NC)

La Unica in Indain Trail NC

It is all about the Salsa!

It’s all about the Salsa at  La Unica.

If you like Mexican restaurants then you know all about the chips and salsa served soon after you are seated.   It is always a gamble when selecting a new Mexican restaurant if they are going to have a great salsa.

Some are spicy and others just plain tomatoes with a few other ingredients.  Some are chunky and others are thin and just wet the chip.  I will have to admit from where I live La Unica is clearly in another world but I will drive there just for the salsa.  That is right!  I will splurge with these high gas prices and drive just to get a taste of my very favorite salsa.

Let me let you in on a secret.  They do not server the green one unless you ask for it.  I don’t know the first time it happened or how I found out about it but,  when you sit down just ask.  “Can I get the green one also?”  They will bring it and you to will be hooked.  Now it has a little bite to it so beware.  It seems to be a mixture of guacamole, garlic and  a hint of lime juice.  I have tried to master it myself at home hoping to save myself the drive.  It can be hit or miss with me but I have never had a bad batch there.

It's all about the salsa!

You have to ask for the green one

La Unica has all the typical Mexican dishes and even a few I have not seen in some of the chains across town.  i have never been disappointed in anything I have ordered there and yes I have eaten a whole container of that green salsa at one sitting.

You can find La Unica at:

4305-B Old Monroe Road, Indian Trail NC Phone number: 704-821-7281

I did not know that they had two additional locations until I did this article.  I am assuming that they also have the green salsa.  If you get the chance to stop by one of the others would you please report back and let us know.  The other two addresses are:

515 NC Hwy 24/27, Albemarle, NC  Phone: 704-983-1400

9121 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville, NC  Phone:704-895-5378.

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