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Where in the QC? (Game 2)

Where in the QC is this?  Play with us at www.CharlotteBanter.comThink you know Charlotte well?  Well take a guess at this weeks “Where in the QC?” I have taken a picture of a feature located off a busy Charlotte  NC street.  See if you can identify where it is.  Looking for the most observant person around.

The rules are simple.  I will post a picture that I took.  All my pictures will be of places that thousands of people pass daily and may or may not notice.  Your mission is to identify it.  Enter your guess in the comments.  The first person that identifies and describes where it is the best wins!  If you have some cool history or a funny story about it you get bonus points.  What do you win?  Bragging rights first of all; Then we will send you a goody bag.   Be sure to add your guess to the comments below the picture and subscribe by email or RSS to play the next one.

Get your friends to play!  The more people the harder I  will make it.  Sooooo……Sit back and take a guess and see if you can be in the leaders seat!

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2 Responses to "Where in the QC? (Game 2)"

  1. Steve says:

    I drive all over Charlotte, and I have never seen that. That isn’t a reclining chair, it’s a chair that’s reclining!

  2. Tamela says:

    Yes it has been reclining for many years now! Do you know where it may be? Don’t sit around in your chair…find it so you can win!

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